Spreading Quality Education to Transform Students and Society

Spreading the massage of Vigyan Vikas & Vidhya among people.


The college is well-equipped with very high standard Labs, Library well stocked with 4000 books, 18 printed and e-journals as prescribed by NCTE and SCERT, Computer lab with high speed internet facilities, Wi-Fi campus, Green Lush Pollution Free Environment. Apart from academics our college encourage students in co-curricular activities.

            The college educational process is to produce respectful, peaceful, honest and responsible citizens, through an ethos, culture and conductive environment within the college in which respect peace honesty and responsibility are the hallmarks of how the college organizes itself into.


Spacious, well ventilated and state of art class rooms are hallmark of SRI Institutions. The ambience of class room infuses sense of creativity and belongingness in our students.

Theoretical lectures are delivered in the classrooms and the major teaching-learning process takes place in the classrooms. The nuances of different subjects are explained by the faculty members and absorbed by the students.


Laboratories are places that provide platform to experiment learning and research. Well-designed fully equipped labs of SRI inspire any one to participate in practical learning and transform theory in to practical.

It is not the knowledge of books, but also the balance of classroom education and practical experience, that enables students to grasp concepts faster.


Library services at SRI are provided to the students staff and faculty members for updating their knowledge and supporting research and teaching learning activities . Library is computerized automated with software. Keeping in view the fast changes in technology the knowledge base of library is updated regularly by way of adding new literature in the form of text books, reference books reports encyclopedias data books. Library subscribes National & international Journals.

Library of the University is a treasure house of authentic and valuable information that support the educational and research needs. It facilitates learning and enrichment of knowledge. It serves the need for enhancement of quality of education.

Computer Lab

Students of the respective programs are required to have the proficiency in day to day office applications on computers, especially as this world can be said as the world of information technology. The Software information data mechanization in the centre also helps a lot for students to realize their potential future towards better studies and future growth.

Computer centre plays a very prominent role as computer system is now-a-days basic tool in teaching-learning process.


Good food, good health and good life are interconnected. With this perception of mind, SRI Group has left no stone unturnend to provide our students the testy and healthiest of delicacies one has the imagination to invent. In other words, IITM has literally embarked upon what is called a food revolution.

Cafeteria is the place where students relax, unwind and recharge after a hard day at the University. Sanskriti University has a cafeteria that can accommodate around 200-300 students at any point of time for refreshment, lunch etc.


SRI Group has its own transport vehicles to bring students from home and drop them at their doorstep safely. Students save their precious time to commute to institute by using school transport. We have trained and experienced drivers to drive our vehicles. 


For 360 degrees personality development, it is absolutely essential to ensure participation of the students in different types of sports. We at Sanskriti are well aware of the necessity of physical exercises and importance of sports as an important pastime for students.

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